Absolute Fun

It's not just a water park. It's aquafun.

Our Vision

aquafun stands as synonym for inflatable, floating water parks and water games with the guarantee of absolute fun. aquafun is the brand that combines innovation, highest quality and maximum safety – garnished with profitability. Using the term “aquafunpark“ underlines our vision and gives a clear statement.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Always find the right aquafunpark for the right location. Not the largest or the cheapest. aquafun has years of experience designing, producing and operating inflatable, swimming water parks and elements for commercial use. aquafunparks and aquafungames can be installed in the sea, in lakes and pools as well as in leisure facilities.

We deliver customized turnkey solutions with an extensive service and training program for operators – creating a professional marketing package for your new aquafun water park or aquafun water game. From environmentally friendly installations through to a successful aquafun water park or aquafun water games launch – we guarantee an unforgettable experience for all visitors and players around the world.

First Choice

aquafun water parks and aquafun water games are designed for the highest commercial demands. We only use the high quality materials and ensure first-class workmanship through constant quality controls. In addition, we always keep an eye on the requirements of the operators and of course making sure visitors to an aquafun water park have the most fun possible with the safest products. And: aquafun water parks have one the highest levels of return on investment in the leisure sector.

More space

aquafun water parks and elements offer more space and less congestion and bottle necks. The entire water park can accommodate more visitors at the same time and the individual elements are larger and much more challenging.

More safety

Providing water park visitors with the highest level of safety is our top priority. aquafun elements are not only characterized by our years of experience in product design and operational functionality, but they also certified by the German TUV – the highest independent safety certification available.

More profit

The calculation is very simple: More satisfied visitors guarantees more revenue. aquafun provides all new water park operators with detailed operational training and a customized marketing plan to ensure a successful business year on year.

First Choice

Sales Partner

Customers around the world rely on the quality and services of aquafun products. We are looking for partners who would like to work with us to win over even more customers. Make aquafun your business in your country – with sales, events and services.

Please contact… marketing@aquafunparks.com

Sales Partner

Ocean Line

Magnificent. Impressive. Thrilling.

Ocean Line – Magnificent. Impressive. Thrilling.

Joy in the sea

aquafun OCEAN LINE is purposely designed for use in the sea and on lakes. It is characterized by its enormous size and stability. An aquafun OCEAN LINE water park is impressive from both close up and at a distance thanks to its large elements – it has an instant wow-factor to both users and passers-by on beaches and promenades.

The aquafun OCEAN LINE is a challenge for teenagers and adults alike. Elements of the aquafun OCEAN LINE can be combined with elements of the aquafun JUNIOR LINE in the same water park.

Junior Line

Unique. Universal. Fascinating. 

Junior Line – Unique. Universal. Fascinating. 

Cool in the pool

aquafun JUNIOR LINE features scaled down versions of OCEAN LINE’s most popular elements – making it perfect for both large pool facilities and for creating family friendly options in larger open water parks in the sea – for example, as the inner circuit of an aquafun OCEAN LINE water park. The elements are slightly smaller than the OCEAN LINE – but the fun factor is the same.

aquafun JUNIOR LINE is suitable for children and adults alike. The combination possibilities with elements of OCEAN LINE and JUNIOR LINE are endless – see the aquafun water park 160 – the only combination in the world with two different circles in one water park.

Multi Sport

Playful. Entertaining. Winning.

Multi Sport – Playful. Entertaining. Winning.

Fun in the wet

More life in the pool area. No more boring school sports. Exciting games in shallow water on the beach. aquafun MULTI SPORT has a variety of games options within one frame. This interchangeable playing field allows you to quickly change sports in minutes. From volleyball, basketball to water polo and beach football – the MULTI SPORT set has it all in one sturdy and easily assembled system.

Great for kids and teenagers, team building and corporate fitness. Enthusiastic teams who want to play can be found quickly. A referee nobody needs. What counts is having fun.


Quality + Safety

Our strict quality controls are the basis for durable aquafun products. We set highest quality standards in the selection of the materials used and in the processing. Our innovative developments – such as the Safe Step System – also ensure the highest level of safety in our aquafunparks.

Innovation + Experience

Every customer project starts with our digital project planner – so you can help us to recommend the right aquafunpark for your location. Our park configurator allows us to optimally combine the single elements to a park and to create an offer – as an individual website for you – including your own return on investment calculator.

Marketing + Operation

We accompany you from the planning of your aquafunpark to the marketing. Detailed training on safety, maintenance and marketing awaits you at our modern headquarters or at your site. In doing so we prepare you optimally for the operation of your new aquafunpark.